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Quangles began the year by celebrating 2020 vision.
We ended it with our Christmas party online, including a 5 minute sock-snowman making spot. To enhance your enjoyment of the gallery of creations, try listening to Left Bank 2, by the Noveltones, at the same time.

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Our other Christmas celebration, also in conjunction with Wacapella and The Live Wire Choir, was a real-life carol singing session at Maumbury Rings in Dorchester on 13th December.


13-12-20 m rings1.jpg
13-12-20 m rings3jpg.jpg
13-12-20 m rings2.jpg
Who knew that singing in the cold and rain, far apart from each other, could be so moving? And fun?


is our current incarnation, in which we've teamed up with Wacapella and The Live Wire Choir to offer online sessions. Find out more on our About page or sign up to join in via our Shop.
Carry on reading this page to see what we would have been doing had it not been for Covid 19. Fingers crossed that we'll be able to do them all next year.

2020 Vision did not enable us to see into the future so this year we planned the following events:

A project with primary schoolchildren in Weymouth. Singing songs about their Road Trip USA project.
spec pic jolly group1.jpg
spec pics jolly group3.jpg
Various Cruise Croons - singing to the cruise ship passengers at Portland Port.
Three Choirs Round a Fountain:
QWC with Wacapella and
The Live Wire Choir singing at the fountain in Dorchester Borough Gardens, after a shared workshop at the Dorford Centre
spec pic jolly group8.jpg
spec pic jolly group5.jpg
A concert at St Nicholas' Church
An October Concert at Puddletown Village Hall
spec pic all + juliet.jpg

None of these  happened this year. Fingers crossed for 2021.