Vetches growing by the Weymouth Relief Road: Heaven in a Wildflower, if you're a butterfly.

July 9th
Emmanuel Church,

Triple Delight!
Together with our sister choirs, Wacapella and The Live Wire Choir, Quangles are looking forward to entertaining you at The Emmanuel Church. DT4 9SF.

The concert starts at 7.30 and will finish at around 9.15.
Tickets are £8, available from our Shop page, or from Juliet (see bottom of this page) or on the door. As always, accompanied children don't need a ticket, and there will be refreshments.
What might comfort the spirit of a tree, who misses the good old days of its youth around 140 million years ago?

Where might a roving band of butterflies find their Champs Elysées?

Who might let the sky fall?

These and other questions will be explored in song on 9th July!
Fossilised algae, encasing the shape of a tree.
Weymouth Relief Road July 2021.JPG
Wildflowers by the Weymouth Relief Road. July 2022. photo by Phil Sterling

Done and Dusted:

St Nicholas' Church
14th May 7.30
"Heaven in a Wild Flower"
We gave our first live concert in more than 2 years!

How good it was to be out performing again. And to a full church too. 

Thanks from all of us to churchwarden Anne, who organised everything with energy and good cheer.
Heaven in a Wild Flower Rachel Celia_edited.jpg
Embroidery by Rachel Celia
St Nick's 14-5-2022.jpg
We sang a goodly mix of songs - a little seventeenth century song in praise of Spring, a couple of Northern Harmony pieces, a brand new song wondering what a fossilised tree might think about and be comforted by... And much else besides.

Maumbury Rings,

SONGLINES: Maumbury Rings rang with the sounds of children's voices, backed up by Kathie Princes' Dorchester choirs, as well as Quangles and Live Wires from Weymouth. For the Songlines
project, composer Geof Edge, The Dorset Museum, and hundreds of children worked together to create new songs inspired by the natural history of Dorset. Find out more about it here